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About Aurora Carlson


Universal being serving as Ayurvedic counselor and healer, meditation teacher, life coach, conscious business coach, linguist and mother.

Aurora Carlson

After many years of spiritual seeking, meditation, study and practice of Ayurveda, Yoga, Toltec and energy healing, thanks to the invaluable support of my teachers, I was eventually blessed with the greatest discovery of all – my Self. It is the unshakable foundation and source of the love, knowledge and life force that flow through me, and my gift to the world is being true to that deepest Self which we all are. For the past forteen years I have been teaching Ayurveda (the Science of Life), Reiki and Prana healing, have educated practitioners and teachers, and have helped thousands of people to a better life through counseling, life coaching, lectures, workshops, energy work and by simply being there for them.

I live on the Swedish West coast and work globally developing online programs and tools and offering personal help through Skype counseling and distance healing.

I have gratefully dedicated my life to helping as many as possible discover that dimension of human existence where there is true freedom, love, joy and creative power. Life is magical when you know who you really are, and we are all here to live to the fullest!

May we all open up to the truth in ourselves and create a happy, peaceful and enlightened world together!