Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling

The solution to every problem is inside yourself. But sometimes you might need some help to see it.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them. Albert Einstein


My role is to create a space of unconditional love and honesty, where you can safely explore your inner and outer life and observe the beliefs, feelings or attitudes that lie behind the situation that you want to change.

I will give you simple, practical advice on how you can transform those aspects of your life that do not work well – health, relationships, finances, career or your spiritual development. 

A counseling session takes one hour and includes a careful examination of your situation and practical, clear advice. My goal is to help you take the next step towards true happiness and well-being.

How: We connect easily through Skype.

Where: Your location doesn’t matter, I work globally.

When: Check availability and book your chosen time in my online calendar.

How long: A counseling session takes 60 minutes.

Languages:  I work in English, Swedish and German (for German you need to understand English as I will respond in that language, but I understand German perfectly well).

Can I receive both counseling and healing? Yes, check here.

Further questions? Feel welcome to contact me or, if you have never worked with me before and wish to orient yourself you can book a FREE introductory meeting on Skype.

After making your payment, simply book your session at your chosen time in my online calendar below.

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