Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our conversations and the healing. There is so much I am grateful for, so much has happened during this time. To think that such “small” things can mean so much.  Becoming aware is an exciting journey.”  Karen H. 

If you wish to make rapid progress in your life, we will give 8 weeks of full attention to the discovery of who you truly are, what you want from the depth of your being and how you can achieve it in the fastest and easiest way.

By transforming your consciousness, you will watch your new and more satisfying life grow from within yourself, aiming for the experience of as much true fulfillment as possible.

You will have my continuous attention, companionship and advice on the journey and will receive practical tools to transform your consciousness and your life.

What my clients most often desire

More love and joy in relationships

Better health

More success in one’s profession, or to find one’s call

More income, appreciation, happiness or peace

A feeling of vitality and passion

More self-insight

More spiritual clarity and knowledge

The Transformational Coaching program includes

A thorough evaluation of your situation

Before we start, I will ask you to fill in a few questionnaires to help me form a first picture of your current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual situation. We will then embark on a journey of discovering in what way your inner being wants to grow and evolve.

8 soul-to-soul Skype conversations, one hour each week

We discuss what has happened in your life, your immediate goals, what is eventually blocking your way and how you can change that. You will become clear over what you wish to change each week and will receive advice and guidance on how to do that practically.

8 complete Prana Healing sessions

This will help you with the spiritual, mental and physical energy needed for the changes you wish to make.

Constant email contact throughout the 8 weeks

You can write as much as you wish with questions, thoughts and reflections, or to simply share what is on your mind and heart. I will listen with full attention and you will receive one answer from me daily.

Examples of tools you will receive

Advice about simple lifestyle changes that can improve your life dramatically

In-depth relationship advice

Ayurvedic advice for better nourishment

Meditation instruction and/or guidance

Recommendations for yoga and breath exercises

Different tools to increase your energy, insight and presence

Help to clarify, evolve and manifest your goals

Your soul wants to evolve. Wherever you are, there is a path straight up, to greater awareness and a better life. I am here to help you find that path and walk it.

100% no-questions-asked, money back guarantee: If you feel that this is not the right path for you after our first session, all you need to do is let me know that same day and I will refund the entire fee. It is best to be assured that we both resonate and enjoy the journey together!

“I just had to write, I’m about to burst with joy. We are already taking the next step forward! Thank you Aurora for taking me on this journey! I will make so many more discoveries.” Eva N.


It’s simple. We connect through Skype for weekly audio/video meetings and have email contact all other days.


Your location doesn’t matter, I work globally.


Check availability  in my online calendar.  After making your payment, please book your preferred time or contact me for a manual booking.

How long:

We will work together during 8 weeks starting from our first Skype meeting. Every week we meet for 1,5 hours (one hour counseling and 30 min Prana Healing).

Can you do the healing at another time, not right after the counseling?

Yes, we can decide on another time for the healing sessions if you prefer. Contact me for a manual booking in that case.

Can I continue after 8 weeks?

Yes, after the Start Program you qualify for the Advanced Program, if you continue within a month.


I work in English, Swedish, Romanian and German (for German you need to understand English as I will respond in that language, but I understand German perfectly well).

I am not sure if the Transformative Coaching Program is for me, can we discuss?

Yes, I’d be delighted to connect with you for a free introductory meeting, to see if your needs match what I offer.

Further questions?

Feel welcome to contact me.

Begin your Transformative Coaching right now in 2 simple steps:

1) Make your payment

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2) Click here to book your Transformative Coaching sessions in my online calendar

100% no-questions-asked, money back guarantee: If you feel that this is not the right path for you after our first session, all you need to do is let me know that same day and I will refund the entire fee. It is best to be assured that we both resonate and enjoy the journey together!

If you have not worked with me before and would like to have a free introductory conversation, you are welcome to book a 15 min Skype meeting. Please note that this is not a counseling meeting.

Book a FREE introductory meeting >

If you wish to share your impressions and results after the program with the visitors on my website please leave your comment below or on my testimonials page. It might help other people take a good decision on their path and will definitely bring me joy. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Transformational Coaching

  1. Followed my heart – wanted to find love. Found love inside me – waking up to a new world. Finally after many steps – big and small, it was time for the biggest jump:
    Being true – staying true
    Always choosing the path of love – choosing to love forever
    Staying in love forever!

    So much of this incredible journey was made with the help of Aurora – my friend, my coach, my healer and so much more! I could never imagine this journey but with Auroras help I now have a life filled with love in so many levels. You will always be by my side and we will stay connected – forever – always – in love. I love you with all my heart <3

    • Therese, my sincere congratulations for your amazing journey! Thank you for your great love and friendship, you know you have mine. May you spread love and healing wherever you go!

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