Prosperity for Good People

Prosperity for Good People Program

The Prosperity for Good People Program (PGP) is a consciousness and mantra-based online program which aims to help you realize your true identity and role in the world.

You will receive tremendously powerful tools to expand your awareness and manifest financial abundance for yourself and the planet.

Good people are heart driven evolutionaries transforming the world through the power of love. They care for themselves, their families, communities and the entire planet, nourishing and supporting life everywhere.

If you are rich in mindfulness, love, creativity, compassion and all that makes a person wealthy, and feel that it is time to also increase your financial well-being, please consider joining the Prosperity for Good People program. You can try it out for free!

A Tool to Transform Your Consciousness

Your world is as it is because that is how you see it. Whatever you experience, you are holding it as a fact in your consciousness. If your experience is not as abundant as you wish it to be, the PGP program can help you change your mind.

Mind gives rise to thoughts, which are vibrations. That is why, in order to change your mind deeply enough, you will use not only self-reflection, meditation and affirmations, but most of all subtle primordial sounds (mantras). Mantras are the language of the universe itself, beyond and prior to human verbal thought and word. They are like keys to unlocking treasures of your own consciousness you have believed were nonexistent.


21 Steps, 3 Phases

The PGP program consists of 21 steps. Each step will bring you a new key to discovering and understanding yourself.

The process begins with a phase of cleansing, where you start to become aware of the blockages and conditioned beliefs behind the limitations you experience. You will receive tools for removing these karmic blocks to your freedom.

The second phase helps you become aware of the possibilities that lie ahead of you. You will begin to define your vision, learn how to make conscious choices, and increase the manifestation power behind your desire.

The third and last phase will help you deepen your spiritual connection. By opening up even wider to your higher Self and surrendering to your divine being, you will be able to move huge amounts of energy and direct it in a conscious manner towards manifestation.


How to Practice

If you dedicate a little time to this process each day for a minimum of 21 days, and repeat as needed, you will transform your mind, and so your world will have to change.

By doing the exercises in the program and meditating for a few minutes every day, you will begin to experience that which you do want to experience.  Your mind will expand beyond what you are accustomed to, and you will realize that there are no limitations to what is in your power. The more your mind experiences its infinite, blissful source, the more it is set free and can create a world of beauty, abundance and freedom.

There is no limit to the happiness, prosperity and joy each of us can experience and share. Start your journey now and contribute to a better world!

FB Testimonials PGP“You have created a fantastically beautiful and very effective program. I am grateful with my whole heart that I was able to participate. The PGP dissolves even deep-seated unconscious blockages, fears and much more. Dear Aurora, thank you for your wonderful work. This program helps spiritual people improve their lives in all its aspects, according to their heart’s desire. I believe in this program and hope that as many as possible will be helped by it.”​

Ernst Koch

Ernst Koch, Reiki Master, Switzerland


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Program Access Options

Free Access

  • 2 days
  • 2 program steps
  • 1-day access to each step
  • Try out the program for free, with no obligations. Register to receive 2-day access to the first 2 Steps of the program, one day each. It is the best way to make sure that you resonate.
  • FREE
  • Basic Access

  • 3 weeks
  • all 21 program steps
  • 1-day access to each step
  • Receive 3 week-access to the entire program. Log in every day to find a new step and new tools to apply in your life. Each step will be available for one day.
  • 129 $
  • Silver Access

  • 6 weeks
  • all 21 program steps
  • each step can be accessed until the program ends
  • download and keep the program for continued use
  • 6 energizing Prana Healing sessions
  • Six whole weeks of access to the program.

    You will gain access to a new step every second day, which gives you more time to practice. All 21 program steps remain on your page until the end of the program, so you can repeat earlier steps when you feel that you need to.

    You can download the program (in MP3 and PDF file format) and practice whenever you wish, even after online access ends.

    You will also receive 6 complete Prana Healing sessions with a focus on financial abundance, to add power to your flow of creative energy.

  • 329 $
  • Gold Access

  • 9 weeks
  • all 21 program steps
  • each step can be accessed until the program ends
  • download and keep the program
  • 63 energizing Prana Healing sessions, one every day
  • 9 personal coaching sessions via Skype, one hour each
  • continuous personal support and guidance via email
  • practical email reminders about new available steps
  • The Gold PGP is for those who want to make a major break-through.

    You will have access to a new program step every three days, so you can practice each step longer. Every step remains on your page for the entire duration of the program.

    You can download the program (in MP3 and PDF file format) to practice whenever you want and to repeat as necessary even after your access ends.

    You will have personal, one-on-one support from me through email during the whole 9 weeks. We will also meet on Skype weekly for one hour, to discuss your challenges and help you gain a new level of insight.

    You will receive a tremendous amount of life energy through daily healing sessions focused on abundance throughout the 63 days!

    The PGP Gold is the most powerful way to open up to expanded prosperity consciousness and manifest a new life!

  • 2,299 $


    I encourage you to take this step for the good of our planet. You are here to do great things!

    One thought on “Prosperity for Good People

    1. I am lucky to have a view of the sunrise off my back deck in Asheville, North Carolina, so every morning I breathe in the new day with mindful love. I meditate, say my prayers, then photograph the sun.

      Over the past three weeks I have added the Prosperity for Good People activities, mantras and meditation to my morning ritual. The results have been extraordinary. I have truly fallen in love with listening and repeating the mantras provided by the program. The sounds are so beautiful they transcend time. Aurora Carlson’s voice leads with elegant purity and clarity. Her voice is a holy light. My voice, mingled silently and out loud, carries up to the sky, greets the new sun, and fills the universe with love.

      The experience has been profound and life-charging. The spirit of joy and love flows and reminds me of all the rosaries I have prayed throughout my life and the favorite songs that I sing at the top of my lungs. And so much more. Complementing my holy golden hour, the mantras fit my heart like a timeless glove, a miracle, like the aloha I breathe, hold, and release every day.

      I am so grateful.

      I believe our heart’s desire is there for each of us, as natural, as deep, as the sunrise. Prosperity for Good People is both a gentle and powerful guide. The mantra practice that I love so well is just one piece of the endless possibilities offered. The Program is a creative muse. An honor to humanity. A sweet offering of healing peace. A profound opportunity for joy. A mindful practice of love.

      Do yourself a favor and take it.

      Aloha to you all ♥

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