Terms and Conditions

Dear Visitor,

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. They might change from time to time, so make sure you read them again before any purchase or sign up.

When purchasing, registering for or using any program, tool or service offered on this site, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


Intellectual Property

All the content on this website is the intellectual property of Aurora Carlson and Open One. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, distribute, download or in any way use or acquire the content without permission. You are also not allowed to share your access to online programs. If you are unsure of what is OK, contact me.



The information or advice presented on this website or in any related interaction with the website owner, verbal or written, intends to help you expand your self-insight and spiritual knowledge and is not meant to replace your own best judgment or the advice of your doctor, financial adviser or other professionals. All decisions you take in your life are and remain your sole responsibility. The owner of the website shall not be liable to you or any third party for the actions you take and the results you experience.


Age Restriction

If you are under the age of 18, you may not sign up for programs or purchase services on this website. But you are welcome to read books and learn as much as you want about health, well-being and spirituality!


Booking Availability

For any program, tool or service that requires my personal presence, I will do my best to meet your scheduling needs, but I do not guarantee that I can offer you a booking time that suits you perfectly well. If you want to make sure that the times available suit you please check my Calendar before purchasing the program or service.


Time Limitations

The following time limitations apply:

1) Dates can be booked in my calendar up to 15 weeks forward.

2) For Prana Healing , Counseling and Life Coaching: You need to book your session latest 1 month after purchase.

If you have not booked your Prana Healing,  Counseling or Life Coaching sessions latest 1 month after purchasing the product, your purchase expires.  The date of the service can be later than one month, but the booking itself must be done within 1 month of purchase.

3) For the Prosperity for Good People program- Silver access : You need to book your healing sessions and download the program during the 6 weeks of access.

If you have not booked your healing sessions and downloaded the program during the 6 weeks of access, you can not do it at a later time.

4) For the Prosperity for Good People program- Gold access : You need to book your Skype coaching sessions and the first meeting needs to take place latest 3 weeks after you start the program. You also need to download the program during your 9 weeks of access.

If you have not booked your Skype coaching sessions during the first 3 weeks of the program, with our first meeting scheduled during these first 3 weeks, the personal coaching part of the program will be considered concluded and you will no longer have access to this offer. If you have not downloaded the program during the 9 weeks of access, you can not do it at a later time.



For practical reasons, some of my services allow rescheduling, others don’t. The email you receive after you make your booking will let you know. In general you can reschedule latest 2 days before our healing/counseling/coaching meeting and your confirmation email contains a link where you can do that.

For life coaching and PGP Gold coaching, you can only reschedule all the meetings at once latest 2 days before our first meeting.

After a coaching program has started, I do not guarantee that rescheduling is possible. I prefer not to reschedule meetings because commitment and regularity are important for both your and my well-being, but you can always contact me and see if a good possibility exists.



No refunds are made except for the following:

1) if for some unexpected reason I am not present on Skype at the time you have booked and received confirmation for, and you cannot or will not accept an alternative time for our meeting- you will receive a refund for that particular portion of the service.

The refunded fees are as follows:

a) for 1 hour counseling sessions the entire fee will be refunded;

b) for counseling plus healing 2/3 of the fee will be refunded (I will do the healing even without Skype contact);

c) for life coaching meetings 1/24 th of the fee will be refunded (I will do the healing even without Skype contact and the emails are answered as usual);

d) for PGP Gold coaching meetings 1/36 th of the fee will be refunded ((I will do the healing even without Skype contact, the emails are answered as usual and your access to the program continues);

2) For the Life Coaching Start Program you have a full unconditional money back guarantee if you after our first Skype meeting email me that same day and let me know that you do not wish to continue the program and want to have a refund.



When you subscribe to a membership program with recurring billing, you are free to pause, restart or stop your subscription at any time by going to “Subscriptions” in My Account.

There are no refunds for already commenced billing periods, so if you wish to no longer be billed, kindly pause or stop the subscription before the next term.


Device compatibility and program availability

The online programs, tools and download options offered on this site are created with the intention to work on as many types of browsers and devices (computers, tablets and mobile phones) as possible. However, I cannot guarantee that the device or browser you use has full compatibility with the program or the file types. As much as possible, I offer a free trial or other option so you can test first, or you can try another browser or device for better functionality.



There is much conscientious attention given to all aspects of this website. However, the website, tools and online programs are offered “as is ” and with no guarantees regarding server up-time, link and software functionality, compatibility with your devices or freedom from virus.

Should the website be down for longer than 6 hours at a time and you have signed up for a time-sensitive online program, I will be happy to reverse the date of your sign up so you can re-access the content of that day. Should this happen please contact me.

Should more serious or long-time server problems arise (due to any reasons beyond my control, natural catastrophes, accidents, etc) I will do my reasonable best to restore the website and offer the continuation of the program soonest possible, but can of course not guarantee it.


Privacy Policy

Any information you enter on this website will not be shared with anyone except if required by law.

An exception to this is that certain parts of your registration (name, location, email and date of transaction) might be accessible to an eventual software support team in certain cases which are avoided as much as reasonably possible.

All verbal or written conversations and information included in and arising during counseling and coaching are and remain private and will never be shared, except if required by law. All your personal files and emails are deleted 1 month after the life-coaching period ends. They are kept for 1 month for the eventuality that you wish to continue with the Advanced Coaching alternative.


Special Terms

Any special terms and conditions mentioned for different products or programs on the website or in confirmation emails apply and are to be added to the terms of our agreement. Therefore, please read with attention.


Thank you for reading our agreement!

I wish you great joy and expansion and hope that my programs and services will support you on your path!

Aurora Carlson,

Open One