During the many years I have worked as a counselor, teacher and healer, I have had the joy and privilege to touch the lives of thousands of amazing people. They have allowed me to come very close to their true being, and their trust and beauty has enriched my soul beyond words. To each of my clients- I am deeply grateful!

Here are a few of the testimonials I have received about different aspects of my work. If you feel inspired to share , please add your testimonial in the comment section below. It might help other people take a good decision on their path and will definitely bring me joy. Thank you!



“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our conversations and the healing. There is so much I am grateful for, so much has happened during this time. To think that such “small” things can mean so much.  Becoming aware is an exciting journey. It is one thing to know in your mind and another to feel your heart and whole body bubble with joy. That feeling- I want more of it!

Karen H. 

“I am so grateful for all the tools I have received, I can use them in small and big situations. Simply because of what we talked about last Wednesday, I have felt such a change in myself, but also in the response from others. I used the tools we talked about and – oh my … things started to happen! I changed small things (which were a huge step for me, but with your help it was simple…).  Sooo exciting!!”


Aurora’s coaching is practical and focused on solutions, without in any way losing contact with the deep insights into life as a guide. When I got in touch with Aurora, I thought it was to solve the problems I faced in life, both privately and in my work situation as self-employed. One of the most unique aspects to me has been that she has not helped me solve the problems, but rather guided me to realize that they are not problems but a unique opportunity to create exactly the life I want at all levels.

During the 6 weeks that I have so far taken part of the life coaching program, I have in a very natural way created big changes in my life and take very different decisions than before. Aurora’s guidance is imbued equally by the joy of life, integrity, presence, courage to speak out, even if the truth is provocative. There’s an insight in her working method, about spiritual healing on a very deep level.

This has been very powerful and transformative for me and has guided me to change my self-image radically. I dare see all sides of myself today in a whole new way , without ignoring the issues that challenge or limit me. This has led to practical insights on how I can create, choose and fulfill my life, my career and my relationships in the way I long for deep down in my heart. Somehow I’ve always known that it is possible, but through Aurora’s coaching, I have gained insights on how I can go about arriving there.”

Anna Gordh Humlesjö, Yoga Dance Flow, Sweden

Thank you dear Aurora for helping us! Your healing helped us to achieve this beautiful miracle! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! <3 We love you!!

Edgar Diem, Austria

Finished the research proposal two days early!!! The Saraswati mantra helped, Aurora!!! How shall I celebrate?

Jenny Gargarello, USA

Dear Aurora, I want to express to you my gratitude and joy for having elaborated such a wonderful Prosperity Program. I am very very happy that I had the opportunity to follow it. I deeply enjoyed the daily Program and Meditation, looked really forward to it and never wanted it to stop, as you have created an atmosphere with your words, voice and music that felt like an ocean of peace and love.

Many of your suggestions in the exercise parts were very useful to understand much better my own attitude to Prosperity, Abundance and Money. One of your daily programs dealt with debts, moral and material. While it was almost a year that I procrastinated to settle such a situation with a friend, to my great surprise and satisfaction the very day after I followed your Program on that theme, I got a chance to resolve the problem. It felt so good!

I have had guests during these past weeks and on certain days it was really difficult to find the right moment to follow the program, but miraculously I could do it. That was fantastic. Of course I would have loved to dedicate more time to the absorption of your wisdom and I would love to repeat the whole process.

Congratulations dear Aurora for this opportunity to widen my horizons. The deeper meaning which is that of bringing Prosperity to all of humanity and to contribute consciously and hopefully also materially to eliminate Poverty from our world, makes your Project an outstandingly excellent one. THANK YOU! And … I adore the sound of your voice which wraps around me and permeates me magically. There is perfect harmony that emanates from your Program. Yes, I warmly recommend it to everybody.

Margherita Rueger, Rome, Italy

I want to thank you most sincerely for your child healing on M. at the beginning of this week. Thank you!
I have now been in contact with her ​​over the phone. She told me that her psoriasis is almost completely gone, just some left. She actually sounded surprised when she said it (after I asked her, and she checked).
So I /we are very grateful for all your help.

You might hear from me again. I am happy to recommend your work for others who need help with healing!


On my life journey I am on the one hand determined to find my true core, on the other hand confused about how I will come to peace with myself and be able to act with vigor and love of life. Aurora summed up my situation early, saying that I have an inner struggle between my worldly and spiritual goals. We agree that our work with me is to identify and become aware of how and where my ego stands in the way of my innermost desire for even more peace, love and lucidity.

Whenever I need support between the coaching sessions, I can sit down and write her an email, and ACTUALLY almost immediately receive a heart felt and wise answer. It means a lot to me. Aurora is there like a rock, steadfast in her purpose to heal and discover falsehoods that can lead me astray. She is a hand to hold and a dialogue partner on my journey inward. She says she’s just a loudspeaker for my own being, but she’s more than that, she is a necessary and loving support in my process, full of wisdom and will.

Fredrik Hallberg, Sweden

The PGP program is beautiful. The design, the content, the spirit behind every bit of it, is exquisite. Thank you so much for putting it together.”​

SS, Houston, USA

I just had to write, I’m about to burst with joy.
We are already taking the next step forward! Thank you Aurora for taking me on this journey! I will make so many more discoveries.

Eva N.

Thank you dear Aurora for kind words and fabulous guidance !!

It’s so awesome, when I end up in situations where I first wonder why I react or what to do- I can just scroll back to our conversations and I always find keys. Sometimes it goes lightning fast and other times I have to really stop and look at what I’m doing and it takes more time :)

When I get angry or upset I think- what was it that Aurora said again? The soul never gets angry or upset .. Well, who is it that reacts? :)) Then I breathe a little and start again; so great everything turns out then.

It’s such a tremendous asset for me. I am grateful and hopeful. I not only thank God /the soul /my insight and intuition, but I also give thanks for meeting You.

Karin Homann, Hälsoboden, Sweden

Thanks for the great tip, and sometimes a hug is actually much better than a lot of words, even when it comes to understanding smth complicated.

J. H.

I have participated in the first two test days and I think you have created a fantastic program that is easy to understand and filled with wisdom. I want to continue at my own pace, is it possible to download the PGP?

Teresia K Scher, Founder – MyHeartHouse, Sweden


I want to thank you. Thank you for many things. The fact that you are who you are and do what you do and that you in different ways guide and help me and others to be who we are. Finding our way back to ourselves and evolve.

M.P. – Namibia

Hello Aurora.
THANK YOU Angel! My left knee feels better already.


This has been a powerful journey for me during an incredibly powerful $ power struggle in which I choose to take little part in but effects me greatly. Thank you it will allow me to go through those times with new tools and a new heart, and it will not effect my physical being in the same way.. healing has occurred. I have much hope for the future of where my $ wealth will come from but I also know it’s coming I see it in bright lights like never before.​

Sage Bramhall- Empowerment Coach at My Sage Advice, USA

Aurora, i see so clearly through your eyes, you have been one of the most influential people in my life during 2012 and now! With loads of love, THANKS.

Belinda V. Guillory, USA

Dear Aurora, I have done two “sessions” and it feels great and I was surprised by feeling my chakras activating very strongly during the mantras. :) Thank you so much! Love and hugs.

Margherita Rüeger, Italy

I learned a lot about the ‘habitual’ thought patterns that were holding my ability to accept the abundance available to me.

Teena Cormack, Canada​

I thoroughly enjoyed the program , I love your meditations and the instructions to go within , Iv been using one of the mantras continuously as it flows easy and I need help with debt and creativity. The music was so relaxing and soothed the mind and body . I did recommend it and shared it on Facebook.​

Anonymous, Nth Wales

You have created a fantastically beautiful and very effective program. I am grateful with my whole heart that I was able to participate. The PGP dissolves even deep-seated unconscious blockages, fears and much more. Dear Aurora, thank you for your wonderful work. This program helps spiritual people improve their lives in all its aspects, according to their heart’s desire. I believe in this program and hope that as many as possible will be helped by it.​​

Ernst Koch, Reiki Master, Switzerland

Quite wonderful Aurora, all recordings are perfect. You are gifted in voice and vibration. A darshan leader you are and a light keeper to dispel ignorance. Love Onnnn Dear friend.

John L. Close, Yoga teacher at Willow Tree, USA


21 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi Aurora! I am so thankful for you. I had been struggling financially for years, but when I applied your counsel to my situation, I witnessed a very positive transformation in not just my finances, but in my life as a whole! Thank you, dear friend, for the great service you render.

  2. Dear Aurora, After thinking for several days about how to use words to do justice to your wonderful program, I must begin by drawing in all the universal love that surrounds me and sending it to you. PGP has reawakened me to the beauty of our universe and has helped me to remember to leave the universal connection switch permanently on in what I have seen as inner and outer worlds. In reality there is but one and that is what people must know. Blessings always.

  3. I opened a business in August on impulse and made several not necessarily bad but definitely impulsive decisions regarding that business going forward. I am so grateful that I decided to pursue the Prosperity for Good People Program when I felt unhappy with the results that I was achieving. Now I feel guided by my Higher Self and am very intentional in all that I do related to my business. I believe that the results are astonishing. I went from creating small items with very little profit potential to making my dream product that brings me success in many astounding ways. Now I am making something that I love, something with immense potential for spiritual and material profit, and it is coming very naturally to me from a very intentional space. I feel that I am no longer making impulsive decisions regarding my business or the way that I spend my time and I am extremely grateful for that and more.

    A couple of weeks after finishing the PGP I contracted with Aurora for 3 days of Prana Healing sessions. These sessions took place very recently for me. One of my most important goals for the new year was to “consciously evolve while living in abundance within the heart of the flow of the universe.” Over the last few days my nervous energy seemed to completely dissipate and I honestly have felt like I have been operating within the flow. The feeling is indescribable. It is very difficult to put into words how I feel. I highly recommend both the PGP and the Prana Healing to anyone seeking to live more aligned with their purpose in life. Thank you Aurora for all that you have done to help me over the years. I will always be grateful to you and I know that we will remain in touch.

    Jenny Gargarello

    • I am so happy to hear about your successes Jenny! I wish you many more!
      Thank you so much for sharing this with me and for allowing me to be part of your journey. Lots of love!

  4. Hej Aurora jag måste redan börja ge dig feedback ang Alice. Jag har fått en ny bebis, hela dagen igår var hon så lugn nöjd harmonisk, inte ett pip, inga magknip och mycket mindre gaser. Så tillfreds med sig själv. På natten sov hon 6 tim i streck vilket aldrig tidigare hänt, hon brukar alltid vakna med tre tim mellanrum. Jag är så otroligt tacksam för vad du redan åstadkommit, och för att du vill ge henne healing i två dagar till, jag är full av positivitet! Varmt tack Frida

    Hello Aurora I have to already start giving you feedback regarding Alice. I have a new baby, all day yesterday, she was so calm happy harmonious, not a peep, no stomach ache and a lot less gas. So content with herself. At night she slept 6 hours without interruption which has never happened before, she usually always wakes up with three hour intervals. I am so incredibly grateful for what you have already accomplished, and for wanting to give her healing for two more days, I am full of positivity! Warm thanks Frida

  5. Jag hittade hjälp utanför sjukvården när jag hade en allvarlig lungsjukdom.

    När jag hade feber i sex veckor och jättehög sänka och allvarliga lungproblem, så ville sjukvården ge mej cortison. De satsade mycket på provtagning, datortomografi osv, för att förstå vad det var för fel på mina lungor. Fem omgångar med antibiotika, varav en intravenös, hjälpte inte. Jag blev bara sämre och sämre.

    Kände instinktivt att det var helt fel för mej med cortison. Så jag sökte alternativ hjälp.
    Aurora gav mej healing och coachade mej på ett fantastiskt sätt. Dessutom hade jag stor hjälp av örter och en hög dos c-vitamin. Läkarna var förvånade över hur snabbt mina lungor blev helt återställda.
    Det finns många vägar till läkning. Healing är fantastiskt.
    Stort tack Aurora, för all hjälp.
    Kramar, Karin Tambour

    I found help outside medical care when I had a serious lung disease.

    When I had a fever for six weeks and huge blood sedimentation rate and serious lung problems, the doctors wanted to give me cortisone. They did a lot of testing, computed tomography, etc., to understand what was wrong with my lungs. Five rounds of antibiotics, including intravenous, did not help. I just became worse and worse.

    Instinctively I felt that it was wrong for me with cortisone. So I sought alternative means.
    Aurora gave me healing and coached me in an amazing way. Also, I had the great help of herbs and a high dose of vitamin c. The doctors were amazed at how quickly my lungs recovered fully.
    There are many paths to healing. Healing is amazing.
    Many thanks Aurora, for all the help.
    Hugs, Karin Tambour

    • Congratulations for great healing work Karin! You have great knowledge about herbs and Ayurveda so all I did was help a little on the way. All the best!

  6. Followed my heart – wanted to find love. Found love inside me – waking up to a new world. Finally after many steps – big and small, it was time for the biggest jump:
    Being true – staying true
    Always choosing the path of love – choosing to love forever
    Staying in love forever!

    So much of this incredible journey was made with the help of Aurora – my friend, my coach, my healer and so much more! I could never imagine this journey but with Auroras help I now have a life filled with love in so many levels. You will always be by my side and we will stay connected – forever – always – in love. I love you with all my heart <3

    • Therese, my sincere congratulations for your amazing journey! Thank you for your great love and friendship, you know you have mine. May you spread love and healing wherever you go!

  7. PRANAHEALING – helt fantastiskt, så effektivt mot infektioner och hög feber, det har inga biverkningar, ger snabbt resultat och är dessutom gratis för barn. Aurora är så skicklig. Önskar att många fler får upp ögonen för denna fantastiska behandling.

    Stort tack för dina behandlingar med pranahealing.
    Elin 3 år hade en allvarlig infektion med 41 graders feber och en sänka som var över 200.
    Efter den första pranahealingen så blev hon lite bättre.
    Efter andra healingomgången så var hon mycket bättre, helt feberfri och betydligt lägre sänka.
    Efter tredje pranahealingen så var hon helt frisk.( Efter 3 behandlingar, 3 dagar i streck).
    Helt suveränt.

    Tack från hjärtat från Carina

    Automatic translation from Swedish:

    PRANA HEALING – absolutely fantastic, so effective against infections and high fevers, it has no side effects, gives quick results and is also free for children. Aurora is so skillful. Wish more people become aware of this amazing treatment.

    Many thanks for your treatments with prana healing.
    Elin 3 years old had a severe infection with 41 degree fever and a blood sedimentation rate over 200.
    After the first prana healing she became a little better.
    After the second round of healing, she was much better, absolutely no fever and significant decrease.
    After the third prana healingen she was completely healthy. (After 3 treatments, 3 days in a row).
    Absolutely superb.

    Thanks from the heart from Carina

    • Thank you Carina, I appreciate your comment! I especially loved what you told me in your email, that the doctors were stunned at her sudden shift and level of energy. I hope doctors start to realize that there is more to us than a body and that there are other methods of healing than the strictly physical ones. We need integration, for everyone’s sake.

      Swedish: Tack Carina, jag uppskattar din kommentar! Det jag gillade mest var vad du skrev till mig i ditt email om att läkarna var shockade angående hur snabbt hon ändrade sitt tillstånd och hur mycket energi hon plötsligt hade. Jag hoppas att läkarna börjar förstå att vi är mer än endast kroppar och att det finns läkningsmetoder bortom de strikt fysiska. Vi behöver integration, för allas bästa.

  8. I am lucky to have a view of the sunrise off my back deck in Asheville, North Carolina, so every morning I breathe in the new day with mindful love. I meditate, say my prayers, then photograph the sun.

    Over the past three weeks I have added the Prosperity for Good People activities, mantras and meditation to my morning ritual. The results have been extraordinary. I have truly fallen in love with listening and repeating the mantras provided by the program. The sounds are so beautiful they transcend time. Aurora Carlson’s voice leads with elegant purity and clarity. Her voice is a holy light. My voice, mingled silently and out loud, carries up to the sky, greets the new sun, and fills the universe with love.

    The experience has been profound and life-charging. The spirit of joy and love flows and reminds me of all the rosaries I have prayed throughout my life and the favorite songs that I sing at the top of my lungs. And so much more. Complementing my holy golden hour, the mantras fit my heart like a timeless glove, a miracle, like the aloha I breathe, hold, and release every day.

    I am so grateful.

    I believe our heart’s desire is there for each of us, as natural, as deep, as the sunrise. Prosperity for Good People is both a gentle and powerful guide. The mantra practice that I love so well is just one piece of the endless possibilities offered. The Program is a creative muse. An honor to humanity. A sweet offering of healing peace. A profound opportunity for joy. A mindful practice of love.

    Do yourself a favor and take it.

    Aloha to you all ♥

    • I bow to your light dear Leia, deeply grateful for the work of love you are doing in the inner/outer world. Your spiritual power is infinite and I am humbly grateful to have been able to accompany you on the path of realization. I look forward to continuing to share and enjoy Aloha with you! :)

  9. “Nothing real is ever lost” Had I heard that five years ago, perhaps the journey of grief would have been shorter and the anguish released sooner although without that path, I know fortitude and self-mastery would not exist. Thank you for your amazing insight, healing thoughts, hands, unconditional love and beautiful words of permanent resonance. Namaste. xo

    • Thank you Debbie, may your determination continue to carry you forward on this magical journey to light, joy and infinite bliss. We are all meant to be deeply and completely free and fulfilled! Namasté.

  10. Dearest Aurora, today we connected and I was the happy receiver of your fantastic healing energy session. You know I can hardly believe it, that after quite a few hours I still feel the energy working within me …. This means that you have done a wonderful job. I am looking forward to our further sessions with great joy. I have no doubt that my melancholy will be gently removed from my heart … THANK YOU dear friend. It was very very intense. Amazing actually.

  11. Aurora Carlson has helped us tremendously…… Not only has she helped me and my wife, but through distance healing she has also helped my 5 year old daughter when she was extremely unwell and in a life-threatening condition. Quite literally overnight, she regained her health and recovered completely. The doctors were absolutely baffled. My daughter would probably not have survived without Aurora’s remote energy work! I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for my daughter! Aurora continues to help other members of my Family with great success. I look forward to recommending her to those I love, as she was recommended to me! Thank you Aurora for your love and support in all those years! Patrik K., Austria – Germany

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