The Healing Room

The Healing Room

The Healing Room is a simple and profound process of self-healing and conscious manifestation.

It will help you release blockages and realign your life energy with your evolutionary direction.


The process takes you through 4 steps, or Rooms. Starting from a troubled situation, you will learn how to quickly return to the open, peaceful, joyful and creative state that is natural for you. From this state, solutions will arise spontaneously and your life will regain its vitality and joy.

Come to the Healing Room every time something troubles, worries, saddens or angers you. This is a loving space of healing, free for you to use whenever you need. Repeat the process often, not only for big issues but for anything that darkens your happy moment. In time, you will become a master at healing your life.


Choose type of access:

Free Healing Room

offers the core process without cost to all Open One members.

Membership is free!


For immediate access:

Premium Healing Room

offers many additional tools: the Healing Hand, breathing exercises, meditation instruction, more videos, music, the Drawing Board, journaling and more.


Subscription price: $ 9. 95/mo.  
3 days free trial!

Practice on your laptop or take the process with you on your mobile device and see how easy and effective it is.

If it’s not for you- simply cancel within the first 3 days and you will not be billed.

If you enjoy it, you don’t need to do anything else. Keep using it and heal your life.

You can pause, resume or end your subscription at any time.

For immediate access:

Read more about what the Healing Room is and how it works >

If you benefit from using the Healing Room, please let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to tell your friends about this page. The more people who free themselves of troubles, the happier our world will be!

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  1. the healing room is indeed a delightful place to process the old and to reinvigorate the future. It leads to ones divine inspiration.

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